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Michael Struhbar

Position: Treasurer
Term: May 1, 2023 - April 30, 2026
Appointing Authority: The chairman of the county board with the advice and consent (approval) of the county board.
Mailing Address:
209 S. Hamilton St. McLean, IL 61754

Typical responsibilities for the Treasurer would include:

a. Prepares, distributes, and maintains all financial records of the district. Provides updated information to the          trustees at each regular meeting. (However, all trustees have a duty to see that appropriate information is                provided to them by the Treasurer).

b. Reviews financial information and account records for accuracy.

c. Sees to the prompt deposit of monies received into appropriate district accounts; verifies that the district's            investment policy is being followed; and acts as the custodian of district funds.

d. Sees to the prompt payment of bills upon approval by the district board or in accordinance with established           district bill payment procedures.

e. Coordinates preparation and adoption of the annual budget and appropriation ordinance and tax levy.

f. Is responsible for completion of the required annual financial reports of the district including the Annual Financial Report (AFR) and Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, and, if required, the completion of an annual audit by a certified public accountant.

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